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Minnesota Afterschool Accreditation Program (MAAP) — Coaches
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Coaches play a crucial role in the accreditation process through observing program practices, providing feedback that guides programs toward improvement efforts, and supporting programs toward successful completion of their accreditation journey.

Programs seeking accreditation are responsible for hiring and providing compensation for their own coach, as well as setting up expectations between both parties. MnSACA does not take part in the relationship between the coach and program, other than providing programs a list of individuals who have completed a MAAP Coaching training.

Read the full MAAP Coach Position Description here.

Professional Development Options for MAAP Coaches

*Long distance training options available to those more than 50 miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul

We are excited to offer a variety of professional development opportunities for those wishing to support programs going through MAAP accreditation, including some à la carte options.

Coaching: An Introduction and Exploration

If you are a first-time coach, it is strongly recommended that you take this training.

Coaching has steadily grown in popularity within both the early childhood and school-age care fields. We know that coaching is only as effective as the person doing the coaching, and yet many of us find ourselves in a position that includes coaching others, without specific training or education for this important role.

Theories and foundations of coaching will be explored. Focus on the skills and techniques of coaching, including active listening, observing and providing constructive feedback. Develop coaching skills that can be blended with your existing personal or professional experience. No MAAP-specific content will be included in this training.

MAAP Coaching

If you are new to coaching MAAP, it is strongly recommended that you take this training. If you are stepping back into coaching MAAP after some time off, you are encouraged to attend. Those who take this training will have the option of having their contact information shared with programs going through the process who are interested in hiring a coach.

Dive into the MAAP tool and process so that you are best prepared to support programs going through accreditation. We will take a look at materials and documentation, a scoring rubric, Indicators of Quality with guidance, and more.

Communities of Practice (COPs)
Communities of Practice are facilitated networking groups where coaches come together to talk about successes & challenges. Conversation topics are generated through feedback from the group based on the current phase of the accreditation process and what is happening in the field. COPs are great touch points for coaches to make sure everyone is on the same page with how they are interpreting Indicators, talk through roadblocks they may be facing, and share how Indicators are being implemented to give everyone a bigger toolbox of ideas to in turn share with their programs.

Please Note:

  • Those who attend the MAAP Coaching training will have the option of being added to a contact list programs will receive of individuals who have completed a training on MAAP-specific content and are interested in coaching externally (outside of their own program). Individuals must complete a 2-hour Community of Practice (COP) each year to stay on this list each year. The full MAAP Coaching training must be taken every three years.
  • Purchasing and participating in any of the above professional development options for coaches does not guarantee your placement with a program. We provide programs with a list of people who have attended the MAAP Coaching training, but it is up to them to choose the best fit for their site. There will not always be an equal ratio of coaches to programs going through the process in any given year. However, the skills you learn as a coach are applicable outside of MAAP, so can be used in your own program, and in other aspects of your professional position.

Please contact with questions.

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